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At times we have to choose between the path that is conventional and the path that is not. In today's world that once worn path that our great grandparents traveled is so overgrown and forgotten that it barely exists. Our goal is to reforge that forgotten path and make it new again.

The Family Eggers

The Family Eggers

Monday, September 22, 2008

Poop Report

Yes, here come the poop stories! Mackenson asked to sit on the toilet the first week home. During our post placement interview we told our social worker we were potty training him and she said we shouldn't worry him with that on top of all the change. We told him he asked and so she said it was good. Since then he has gotten his own seat for the toilet and goes pee pee fairly well. I heard many times that it is hard to get kids to ca ca on the toilet but after a couple of weeks Mack does that regularly too! Sometimes he has to sit a while before it happens but he is not going overnight quite as often. This morning I had to wake him up and found that he was dry for the very first time! Who knew that could be so exciting! Not cleaning up poo is super fantastic. Flushing it away is so much better! I thank the cloth diapers for helping potty train. Who likes to sit in wet pants when you can feel it? Marie loves to get the "poop report" as we call it. If he is in the bathroom she comes running in "Mackenson pee pee? Mackenson ca ca?" Then she has to watch. When he is finished she gets excited and says, "good job!" along with me. Funny huh? How about this, every time Joe or I leave the room both kids say, "Mama pee pee? or Papa pee pee?" Every time. Getting the poop report.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hair Hair Hair

Here is Marie's hairstyle this week, she actually has some interesting cornrows. They are not super tight or great but it was easier for me than the first attempt. She now has a sleep wrap scarf (pink of course) to help keep her hair looking great all week. Marie Dakar is sa belle!

Happy Birthday, Marie Dakar!

Marie's 6th birthday was a great day. Gramps and Granny came to visit...Marie and Mackenson met them for the very first time. That alone was enough to make any little girl's day super special. Marie was decked out in tiara and boa for her birthday cake (made by Papa and decorated by Mama) while we sang happy birthday with help from our neighbor girl, Madi.
Marie's favorite present if for sure the brand new pink and purple bicycle from Gramps and Granny. The arrival of which stopped her in her tracks to exclaim, "OH, BICYCLE!"
Ferris was even lucky enough to get a hug from the birthday girl. Yes, Marie had a good day on her 6th birthday. She laughed, she cried and ate a little bit too much. What are birthdays for?!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Funny Laundry

One recent laundry day, I was tossing whites into the washer and discovered the capital letter "E" in a sock. Hmm...that seemed strange! It was a magnet, snached from the fridge and shoved in a sock by a sneaky, giggling two year old or a silly, giggling five year old. Either way, I know there was giggling involved. Maybe it was a combined effort. The next load, jeans, yielded a piece of candy left over from a birthday party (smarties, my favorite). My first thought, after my own bit of giggling, was of the stories Mom used to tell of the contents of my sister's pockets, worms. I doubt my Mom had such a fun time with that one. Worms, candy or magnets - anything beats the diaper laundry!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Marie started gymnastics yesterday. There are about 5 other kids in her class and her instructor is super. She gave Marie special attention and took time to show and explain the moves to her. Mackenson and I had to stay in the waiting area so the class wouldn't be disrupted by a giggling "me too" toddler. After class the instructor told me that Marie had tears on her cheeks a few times but a good hug made her feel better. Poor thing, she must get so frustrated when she doesn't know what is happening around her. Joe and I know how that feels, and I've wanted to cry at those times too. She was very happy after class and acting quite silly so she had a good time.

Mackenson and I spent the hour playing with books, a foam puzzle and sit down (Mack stands on the chair, I pull him to sit...he giggles like crazy). One little girl came over and shyly tried to make friends with Mack. He said hello to her, she sat next to him then followed him to the hallway and put her shoes on when he did. It was pretty cute. Mackenson still doesn't interact with other kids too much. I just heard about a play group for him on Wednesday morning so hopefully that will help him open up.

Papa was out of town for the day and the kids asked about him all afternoon. Mackenson usually asks about Papa and Marie Dakar during the day. I told them that Papa would be home tomorrow and they understood, accepted but kept asking. They missed him! Their papa came home late last night so was home when they woke up. After all that excitement of wanting to see him last night, Marie greeted him by laying groggily in bed and Mackenson pouted for breakfast. But this evening when he came home from work they screeched with delight and jumped up and down. Now that's sweet!