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The Family Eggers

The Family Eggers

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to (more) Safely Keep Earbuds in a Gym Bag

Toilet Paper Tubes and Socks to Hold Earbuds

I recently joined a gym.  Last year I made a great effort to become more physically fit by eating more wisely and exercising regularly.  I started by walking with our dog, Anabaena, and using the elliptical machine we have in our home while counting calories like a mad woman.  While that did work quite well, I felt it was time to switch my routine up a bit.  I wanted a variety of cardio workout options and running isn't really my favorite thing to do.  Especially since every time I have tried, I have felt compelled to bring Anabaena.  She pulled me down the street in her enthusiasm with the increased pace I was setting for her.  So, I found a local gym that wasn't overly fancy (i.e. not expensive) and joined.  I'm as pleased as punch.  Anabaena stays home and takes a nap.  That's after our daily walk together. 

A Messy Gym Bag
One of the adjustments from working out at home to at a gym is having a gym bag.  I throw all the stuff in there I think I might need before, during, and after my workout and head out the door with it all rolling around together.  When I get to the gym and open my bag I see my earbuds in a messy wad surrounded by a water bottle, banana, sweatband, socks, deodorant, moisturizer and a padlock.  I have to be careful not to tug to hard and break the wires when I pull them out.  Hmm...that could be better.
Materials Needed
To keep them from getting mangled, crushed, and dirty, I wanted a pouch to hold my earbuds separate from the other things in my bag.  Toilet paper tubes make great pouches.  You just have to close the ends somehow to keep everything in.  Ankle socks fit over the toilet paper tubes and can tuck in quickly and securely.  Here's how I made my earbud and mp3 pouches to toss into my gym bag.

It is as simple as tucking the earbuds into one end of the tube while holding your hand over the other (or put the tube in the sock first and roll the sock down to access the tube opening).  Put the tube in the sock and tuck the excess sock into the tube.  Bonus that my socks look like sneakers!  They were a birthday gift from my best friend, Beth.  Thanks, Beth!

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