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At times we have to choose between the path that is conventional and the path that is not. In today's world that once worn path that our great grandparents traveled is so overgrown and forgotten that it barely exists. Our goal is to reforge that forgotten path and make it new again.

The Family Eggers

The Family Eggers

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pumpkin Powder

Dehydrated pumpkin turns into pumpkin powder quite nicely.
Pumpkins Decorating the Front Yard in Autumn
A Pressure Cooker/Canner is Used to Cook Pumpkins Rapidly
Raw Pumpkin (back) and Cooked Pumpkin (front)
Pumpkin Dried in Food Dehydrator
Dried Pumpkin Coming Out of the Dehydrator to be Frozen
Dried Pumpkin up Close
Dried Pumpkin Bagged and Placed in the Freezer

Frozen Pumpkin is Easier to Grind in the Blender Because it is Hard
Dried Pumpkin Ground in the Blender
Final Product: Pumpkin Powder

Pumpkin powder can be added to soups, baked goods such as muffins or pancakes, tomato pizza/pasta sauces, bread, casseroles - anywhere you would use pumpkin puree!  My favorite is pumpkin pancake mix we created and gifted to friends and family one winter. 
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